Business Awakening

“Action for anticipation”
Barcelona 21-24 August 2017
Traditional adventure for entrepreneurs who can combine pleasure of life and business
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NOT a conference and NOT a training
NOT a holiday and NOT a trip
NOT a networking and NOT a meet up
It's everything in ONE event
Business Awakening
We've created this format for ourselves and our friends. To escape for a couple of days from our daily business routine share experiences and recent events.
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Each time Business Awakening takes place
in a new country
To have a chance to absorb worldwide experience
Each Business Awakening has a new main topic
For you and your business can get a new stream of ideas
Each Business Awakening invites
old and new friends
To deeper the collaboration and find new opportunities
If you have never been with us, you would still feel like
you are among friends because entrepreneurship has
a spirit that is beyond geographical, political or cultural borders.
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This time we are in Barcelona
The participants of Business Awakening
are entrepreneurs from all over the world.
It’s your chance to expand your business and business communications abroad
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The main topic –
“Action for anticipation”
August 21st The Day of the Singularity University
Private University, founded by Google, NASA, CISCO and by inventor and futurist Raymond Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, the head of the X PRIZE fond, the pioneer of the space tourism.

The university’s moto is “Educate, inspire and expand the capabilities of the leaders using the exponential technologies for solving the greatest problems of humanity.”
1. Which business will be viable in 5 years?
2. On what to work on to have a growing trend?
3. How to “tear” the market with a small business?
4. Expensive technologies the small business can use today.
5. How to get access to secrets and know-hows leading to market change?
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P.S. For one week course in the Univercity there is a waiting list more then 1 year and cost USD 14 000
August 22nd The day of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia
Unravelling the cultural secret of Catalonia. How the city of 1.3 population attracts millions of tourists? Who shaped the face of Barcelona? What part did entrepreneurs take in that?
We are preparing a new type of submersion. This is more than a trip, more than a quest, and more than visiting the locals.
The day will end with a national evening, created by you.
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August 23rd The “Hook into the future” day
Alla Klimenko
psyhologist, coach, motivational speaker, co-founder of Upgrade project
Usually we use the same behavior in different situations - if we are lazy in sport, we are lazy in business; if we always sit in the corner during business meetings, we do the same in life. There are our behavior scenarios which are possible to correct .
1. Mindfulness: alarm signal or jackpot
2. Eyes wide shut: finding underwater rocks
3. Lesson or gift: changing the focus of attention
4. Feedback: how to start doing instead of long thinking.
5. Strategies at the level of reflexes: how to find out and correct it.
6. Inner ceiling: getting rid of beliefs that prevent growth.
7. What exactly to do: 21 important habits.
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August 24 The day of enjoyment
VIP package
Separate conference registration desk;
First rows in the halls on the business program;
Full immersion:
Closed session with the Ambassador of the University of Singularity: case studies of all participants in the VIP group. You will see the availability and capabilities of 'expensive' technologies specifically for your business, with which your business can grow immensely, by dozens times;
Register to take the most from each Awakening subject!
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Mission of the Awakening
Freeing the time in the head for the future, absorbing the experience of the past, act effectively and ecologically in present.

Anyone who left the trace in history, outliving his business, never got trapped inside his business. These people were always connected to art, sponsorship or science.

The entrepreneur firmly standing on his ground relies upon history and culture, familiar to him, at the same time he has a measurable goal in future. The goal, which is a step to his mission.
“It was unsettling for me that after the most of inspiring trips the entrepreneurs come back to their routine and still put off their dreams and plans, that’s why this time we are specially allocating time for turning all the ideas of the first 2 days, created from the experiences and spiced by the trends of tomorrow, into actions here and now”
Evgenia Ronzhina
founder and ideologist of the Awakening
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